Who We Are


Based in North Carolina and operating nationally, Amerik is an experienced medical billing provider, specializing in EMS and non-emergency ambulance and air medical billing services.

Amerik was formed by North Carolina native and national EMS billing expert, Amy Harris, and one of the ambulance industry’s most experienced EMS operational experts, Erik Mandler, who understand firsthand the billing challenges EMS and ambulance companies face.

We work together with you to streamline your billing process and improve your organization’s sustainability.

Our team is currently made up of more than 20 highly-experienced billing specialists and support staff. Here at Amerik, we understand first-hand the billing challenges faced by EMS, ambulance and air medical organizations; our people have an average of 10+ years in the ambulance service management and medical billing industry.

A Focus on Regulatory Compliance

We take no risks with customers’ HIPAA and regulatory compliance. On retainer, to annually audit our own compliance, is the nation’s foremost EMS law firm: Page, Wolfberg and Wirth, (PWW).

Through PWW, we offer our clients customized training and webinars at no cost, designed to bring the very latest regulatory information to you. We want to ensure that both our clients and Amerik are fully compliant with all national and state requirements.

Learn More About Our Compliance Measures


At Amerik, regardless of where you operate, we want you to have real-time, robust access to a wide range of data related to your account. We custom-design reports related to your organization’s specific needs.

Here you can see examples of just a few of the types of reports readily available for your analysis requirements, to help you optimize your services.