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The world of compliance is complex and constantly changing; let us do the heavy lifting for you. We partner with the nation’s premier EMS law firm to help you design and implement fully compliant practices, starting from the moment of call intake.
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We work with the top industry software to make the billing process easier. From fraud protection, eligibility verification, claim management, document protection, to automated billing, we offer tools to reduce the hassle of billing and improve your bottom line.
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Every organization is different and requires custom solutions. We work one-on-one with you to optimize your operational processes and maximize your revenues. Let us be your operational partner, so you can focus on putting people in ambulances and caring for patients.
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Services | Amerik Medical Billing

The Amerik team brings extensive experience in the governmental EMS contract arena, managing and billing for some of the largest 911 contracts in the Nation, including more than 60 Fire and EMS based paramedic systems throughout the Country.  Let Amerik utilize our team experience to create a revenue partnership for your EMS system.


As an owner or manager of an ambulance company, it is very difficult to be all things to all people and to be encyclopedic on every issue.  Here at Amerik, all we do is EMS and Ambulance billing. Our goal is to make your job easier, while helping you sustain your organization.  Ambulance companies are often the most difficult customer to manage.  Very few outside billing agencies still bill for non-emergency companies.  At Amerik, we understand, that non-emergency revenue recovery is the most difficult and complex, in most cases taking longer to fight for and often with a fraction of the revenue of 911 systems.

At Amerik,  , we partner with our clients from the time of call in-take all the way through the call management process to help build policies, operational standards and aggressive documentation training on-site for staff and crews.  This partnership commitment is why companies choose Amerik in the highly competitive world of ambulance billing.  Whether you bill in-house or contract your billing to an outside service, let Amerik conduct a free analysis or your revenue cycle management and provide your company with a no obligation accounts receivable checkup.

Services | Amerik Medical Billing

Hospital and Air ambulance systems are experts in providing care and often find themselves with costly inefficient ambulance billing systems.  Medical transporation billing is highly unique in health care and can be a hotbed of fraud, liability and lost revenue due to even the slightest misinterpretation of codes and regulations.  Outsourcing to a company like Amerik helps to provide consistant transparency through a wide variety of performance reports automatically or upon request.  This freedom also allows organizations to avoid the micromanagement of staff and to take advantage of the enhanced consistency of processing invoices and improved revenue that comes with a performance based contract with Amerik. We are committed to being your billing expert, allowing you to stay focused on taking care of your customers and your patients.  Amerik has specific trained experts in all areas of Ambulances billing, including:

  • Medicare,
  • Medicaid and other nationally regulated State insurance programs
  • All National Insurance Carriers
  • Private Pay Patients
  • Government Subsidized Insurance Plans
  • Hospital and Facility Billing

In addition to EMS and ambulance based billing services, Amerik offers Fire Departments the ability to bill for all levels of Fire Department responses, including;

  • Extrications
  • Hazmat Responses
  • Scene Management
  • Helicopter Landing and Loadings
  • Permits and Inspections
  • False Alarms
  • Chief Response
  • And many many more

Amerik has the ability to collect, track and bill for any NFIRS collected data.  Worried about charging resident out of pocket for tax supported services.  Fire Departments often bill only insurance companies, such as auto, home, business, workman’s comp, etc to legally recover the cost of services without burdening tax paying residents with out of pocket responsibility.  Let Amerik show your department what many others are doing, schedule a free on-site evaluation today.

Standards Set By Page, Wolfberg & Wirth


Through our retainer with Page, Wolfberg and Wirth, the nation’s premier EMS law firm, we have developed HIPAA policies and practices, along with tools to help you to ensure your own HIPAA compliance. These continually updated standards are available to all of our clients and represent the most current and comprehensive HIPAA policies and practices in the industry.

In addition, in order to help you and your organization navigate the ever-changing and complex world of reimbursements, our partnership (contract) with PWW requires annual compliance audits at Amerik. These same services can also be made available to you.

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