Our Team
Working To Protect Your Financial Freedom

Erik Mandler

Erik Mandler, a former 911 Paramedic from the City of San Diego, brings over 30 years of EMS experience to Amerik. He has designed and managed over 60 paramedic systems in some of the largest cities and counties in the US. Erik has also managed many of the largest hospital network contracts for a number of the ambulance companies including Kaiser, Adventist, Catholic HealthCare West, Tenent and many more. Erik has also helped many Fire Departments to create innovative billing solutions for First Response, Fire Incidents, Paramedic Intercept, Pass through Agreements with private providers, Subscription Services and more.

Amy Harris

With 22 years of experience in medical billing, as well as 10 years in EMS Billing, Amy Harris manages all day to day operations and customer relations at Amerik. Amy is a nationally-recognized expert and speaker on billing-related topics in the EMS industry throughout North and South Carolina. Prior to forming Amerik, Amy founded one of the largest billing and collection agencies in North Carolina.

Nicky Bahr

Ms. Bahr oversees all initial customer relations and proposal development for Amerik. As a highly experienced customer relations expert from the automotive industry with an engineering background, she has adapted quickly to the complex and often technical world of EMS billing while bringing an easy going style to helping customers analyze where they are currently and how to identify next steps to improve revenue opportunities.

Diane Vick

Diane L. Vick comes to Amerik following her career as CEO and Founder of Fidelis EMS Billing, LLC. Ms. Vick’s areas of specialization include Revenue Recovery, Ambulance Reimbursement and billing procedures, Accounts Receivable Analysis, Federal/ State Regulations, CMS Fee Schedule implementation, HIPPA compliance Programs, Medicare/ Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Audits and Analysis, Business Development. EMS & Billing Data Collection Systems, and Acquisitions Analysis. Diane brings over 25 years of experience to Amerik in EMS and ambulance billing, financial services and collection services. She is a nationally recognized speaker and frequent governmental and private sector consultant on billing practices.

Cynthia Reed

Ms. Reed brings a wide range of financial experience to her role as the Director of Financial Services at Amerik. As one of the newest members of the Amerik leadership team, Ms. Reed has held senior financial positions in both the technology and logistics sectors prior to coming to the EMS industry where she has been working for the last two years as the Corporate Controller for one of the largest ambulance companies in California.

Hasan Mcbride

Hasan McBride brings over 21 years of medical billing expertise to his role as Contract Relations Manager. Hasan has many years of experience in contract management, working with with governmental, private and multi-site hospital organizations. He provides personalized account management and work in liaison with billing providers on our clients’ behalf.

Robin Gallegos, CAC

Ms. Gallegos brings extensive medical billing knowledge to Amerik and oversees all insurance billing including Medicare, Medicaid, and all insurance companies. Ms. Gallegos is a results driven manager known for her “management by walking around” style. Her hands on interactive management of employees and processes has made her both an employee and client favorite.


Michael Weiss

Mr. Weiss coordinates all financial and accounting reports including; Bank Reconciliations, accounting ledgers, along with account reconciliations and all journal entries. Analytical duties include performing budget modeling for all managers and reconciling client deposits. Mr. Weiss also oversees all client invoicing.


Dr. Samuel E. Johnson

As our Medical Director, Dr. Suzanne Johnson oversees all clinical compliance and denial appeals on behalf of our customers. Dr. Johnson brings decades of experience as both an Emergency Room doctor, and on the governmental side, a County Medical Director. She has worked directly with Fire Department and private-based EMS providers.