Revenue Cycle Management Specializing in;


– Government based and contracted 911 EMS Systems
– Private Ambulance Services
– Hospital Medical Transportation
– Air Medical Providers
– Fire Department Incidents

As a leader of any complex organization, it is very difficult to be all things to all people and to be encyclopedic on every topic.

Here at Amerik, all we do is medical billing, allowing you to focus on running your organization, while resting easy because your revenue goals are being met.

Through our services, we can help:

– Take the worry out of managing your own claims
– Build operational systems and best practices to collect quality billable information
– Partner with your organization to train employees and managers in proper documentation strategies
– Custom build a wide range of analytics to best manage revenue trends
– Become and stay fully compliant on all National and State compliance requirements
– Place customer service first when interacting with patients and customers
– Interface with your existing technologies or help identify best options

Discover how we can help your organization maximize revenues streamline the billing process

More Details

Learn how we can help you run a seamless, sustainable operation.

Are your revenue goals being met?

Are you receiving timely payment for your services?

Are your invoices going out in 24-48 hours following service?

Do you have strong policies and procedures for collecting required forms, signatures and billing data?

Do you have real time access to the reports you need?

Is your organization getting reimbursed for all the services you provide?

If you can relate with any of these challenges, it is likely that your organization has unrealized revenue opportunities. Let us help you identify these potential areas of improvement, patch them up and optimize your revenue cycle management process.

A Focus on Regulatory Compliance

We take no risks with customers’ HIPAA and regulatory compliance. On retainer, to annually audit our own compliance, is the nation’s foremost EMS law firm: Page, Wolfberg and Wirth, (PWW).

Through PWW, we offer our clients customized training and webinars at no cost, designed to bring the very latest regulatory information to you. We want to ensure that both our clients and Amerik are fully compliant with all national and state requirements.


At Amerik, regardless of where you operate, we want you to have real-time, robust access to a wide range of data related to your account. We custom-design reports related to your organization’s specific needs.

Click Here to see examples of just a few of the types of reports readily available for your analysis requirements, to help you optimize your services.